Technical Support

FinaTel Technologies has teams of well skilled and trained professionals for providing quick and prompt resolution to the support cases from its customers. RetailFort's dedicated technical support team can intervene quickly to offer support for support calls from customers.

We offer "FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT" which includes standard support for first 30 days from the date of purchase of any flavour of RetailFort. Free Technical Support will be available to customers during business hours of FinaTel Technologies on all week days.

Those customers who prefer to have other support options like support during extended hours and weekends can opt for RetailFort "PREMIUM SUPPORT PLAN". Customers opting for this plan will be entitiled for emergency support during extended hours on weekdays (6:00pm to 7:30pm IST) and during weekends (11:00am to 7:30pm IST). Extended Hour support is only for emergency technical support.

Premium Support Plans can be signed during normal business hours of FinaTel Technologies on any weekdays and problems/issues pre-existing when siging the plan are not covered under the Premium Support plan.

For those customers who want to simply extend the standard support after the initial 30 days of free period can utilize the "PAY AS YOU GO" options. In this model, support will be offered case to case basis and will be charged for each 30 mins of support duration. Standard support will be available during business hours of FinaTel Technologies on all week days.

In addition to all above support options, customers can always request for support by sending their emails to using our "EMAIL SUPPORT". Our support executives will be responding through email. Response to support requests via email may not be immediate.

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